Journeymen Plumbers and Master Plumbers: What’s The Difference?

a licensed plumberMost people don’t realize that all plumbers are not created equally. This is to say, not all have the same skill levels, knowledge and training. Some are more accomplished than others. And if you’re skimming the plumbing directory in attempts to find the best individual for your job, then it’s crucial you know the difference. There are two types of plumbers: journeyman and masters. In this article, we’ll describe both.

Journeyman plumber

Most plumbers go through an apprenticeship in which they will assistant someone who is more experienced than them. They’ll essentially get hands on, on the job training. But once they’ve completed all of their requirements, then they will apply for their journeyman license. And this requires that they are able to successfully pass an examination as well pay a certain fee. It’s important to note that this is something that can vary depending on the state you live in. Not all journeymen are required to have a license. And in this case, they can be limited to only doing certain types of work. There are several of these types of plumbers, so when calling around make sure to ask if the individual is a licensed journeyman or not. Journeymen are best for the more simple jobs.

Master plumber in Naperville, IL

In order for someone to earn the title of master plumber, they must have a significant amount of experience under their belt. This usually requires several years on the job. These individuals have also gone to school for their career and have earned an associate’s degree or vocational school certificate or even training at a certified vocational school. Master plumbers have to pass an exam which usually encompasses both written as well as practical knowledge. They also need to complete their continuing education hours each year. Usually, master plumbers are business owners who employ journeymen. They must make sure their company complies with all of the plumbing regulations.